Parents & Caregivers

Zoom is a tool we are using to engage our students in whole class conversations and connections with their teacher and each others. Teachers may use Zoom for a whole class check-in, class meeting, circle, read aloud, etc. Teachers will send students a link to a Zoom meeting and students just need to click on the link to join the Zoom meeting.

Zoom Directions for Computer
Zoom Directions for iPad Users
Other Zoom Resources

Google Classroom is a streamlined, easy-to-use tool that helps teachers manage coursework. With Classroom, educators can create classes, distribute assignments, grade and send feedback, and see everything in one place. Google Classroom can only be accessed by students and teachers.

2020 Parents' Guide to Google Classroom

Additional Resources

Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN) Website

PaTTAN has developed various playlists to help with talking to your students about COVID-19, they can be found here.